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2020 | 27 | 1 |

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Calculation of the dynamic characteristics of ship's aft stern tube bearing considering journal deflection


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Dynamic properties are vital for the working reliability of aft stern tube bearings. However, the determination of such properties currently involves several simplifications and assumptions. To obtain its dynamic characteristics accurately, the aft stern tube bearing was divided into several bearing segments. The oil film reaction force was considered in the calculation of shaft alignment, and the journal deflection and actual oil film thickness were obtained accordingly. Subsequently, the perturbed Reynolds equation was solved using the finite difference method when the dynamic characteristics of journal bearings with finite width were evaluated. Then, a calculation program was developed and verified by comparing with the results of other studies. Finally, the dynamic characteristics were calculated under different revolutions. The results showed that the stiffness at the vertical direction of the aft stern tube bearing was several times that of the horizontal direction and varied with the revolutions of the shafting system. These findings can provide the foundation for the precise calculation of the journal trajectory under dynamic conditions, as well as for the evaluation of the oil film thickness. Moreover, the results led to favorable conditions for the accurate calculation of the shafting whirling vibration

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  • Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute, 2633 Zuchongzhi Road, 201203 Shanghai, China
  • Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute, 2633 Zuchongzhi Road, 201203 Shanghai, China
  • Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co.,Ltd., Jiangsu Nantong, 901 Changjiang Middle Road, 226005 Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China


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