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2007 | 29 | 2 |
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The effects of Fusilade (Fluazifop-p-butyl) on germination, mitotic frequency and alfa-amylase activity of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) seeds

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In this study, seed germination percentages, effects on phases of mitosis and α-amylase enzyme activity of lentil seeds treated with four different concentrations (0.25, 0.5, 1 and 1.5%) of Fusilade (Fluazifop-p-butyl) were determined. Median EC (effective concentration) values were calculated according to seed germination percentages after treatment for 72 h. Germination percentages of primary lentil roots decreased with increasing Fusilade concentrations. Cytological observations showed that the mitotic frequency in root meristematic cells were decreased parallel to the increase in concentrations and all Fusilade concentrations applied decreased the activity of α-amylase enzyme in lentil seeds. The obtained results indicate that the herbicide Fusilade had the ability to cause reduction in seed germination, mitotic frequency and also α-amylase activity of lentil seeds.
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  • Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Literature, University of Kocaeli, Umuttepe Campus, Izmit/Kocaeli, Turkey
  • Department of Biology, Faculty Science and Arts, Trakya University, 22030 Edirne, Turkey
  • Department of Biology, Faculty Science and Arts, Trakya University, 22030 Edirne, Turkey
  • Department of Biology, Faculty Science and Arts, Trakya University, 22030 Edirne, Turkey
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