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2016 | 23 | 1 |
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Exhaust gas temperature measurements in diagnostics of turbocharged marine internal combustion engines. Part II. Dynamic measurements

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The second part of the article describes the technology of marine engine diagnostics making use of dynamic measurements of the exhaust gas temperature. Little-known achievements of Prof. S. Rutkowski of the Naval College in Gdynia (now: Polish Naval Academy) in this area are presented. A novel approach is proposed which consists in the use of the measured exhaust gas temperature dynamics for qualitative and quantitative assessment of the enthalpy flux of successive pressure pulses of the exhaust gas supplying the marine engine turbocompressor. General design assumptions are presented for the measuring and diagnostic system which makes use of a sheathed thermocouple installed in the engine exhaust gas manifold. The corrected thermal inertia of the thermocouple enables to reproduce a real timehistory of exhaust gas temperature changes
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  • Gdansk University of Technology, 11/12 Narutowicza St., 80-233 Gdansk, Poland
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  • 23.
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