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2011 | 56 | 2 |
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Ultrastructural and cytochemical study on vitellogenesis in the diphyllidean cestode Echinobothrium euterpes (Echinobothriidae) and its phylogenetical implications

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The first description of vitellogenesis in the Diphyllidea is presented in this paper. Though the type of vitellogenesis and mature vitellocyte in Echinobothrium euterpes appear to be unique among the Eucestoda, however, they somewhat resemble that observed in the two orders of the lower cestodes, Tetraphyllidea and Proteocephalidea. Vitellocyte maturation is characterized by: (1) an increase in cell volume; (2) extensive development of short, parallel, frequently concentric cisternae of GER that produce dense proteinaceous granules; (3) development of Golgi complexes engaged in packaging this material; (4) progressive formation of saturated lipid droplets; their continuous enlargement and fusion; (5) formation of small accumulations of glycogen particles scattered between and among lipid droplets in the cytoplasm of maturing vitellocytes; (6) concentration of dense proteinaceous granules in the peripheral layer of cytoplasm, around the cell plasma membrane; and (7) vacuolization of cytoplasm of mature vitellocytes accompanied by a rapid increase in its volume. A new, unreported type of dense proteinaceous granules, situated around the limiting plasma membranes of mature vitellocytes, is described. Vitellogenesis evidently differs from that with typical shell-globules and shell-globule clusters previously reported in other taxa of lower cestodes. Cytochemical staining with periodic acidthiosemicarbazide-silver proteinate for glycogen indicates a strongly positive reaction for glycogen particles between and around large unsaturated lipid droplets of the maturing and mature vitellocytes. Some hypotheses concerning the interrelationship between this pattern of vitellogenesis, possible mode of egg formation, embryonic development and diphyllidean life cycle, and their phylogenetic implications are drawn and discussed.
Opis fizyczny
  • W. Stefanski Institute of Parasitology, Polish Academy of Sciences, 51/55 Twarda Street, 00-818 Warsaw, Poland
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