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2011 | 20 | 3 |
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Preliminary studies on storage mites in litter and animal fodder collected from farm buildings in northwestern Poland

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The aim of our study was to determine the acarofauna composition in litter and animal fodder samples taken from farm buildings in northwestern Poland. Mites were isolated from the samples using Berlese- Tullgren extractors. Fifty-five samples were collected from 45 premises, including 16 hen houses, 13 pigsties, 12 barns, 3 cowsheds, and the laboratory animal house of the Pomeranian Medical University. In 43 samples (78.2%) were collected 1,343 specimens that belonged to the orders of Astigmata, Prostigmata, and Mesostigmata. In most samples the following taxa were observed: Lepidoglyphus destructor (72.3%), Cheyletus sp. (52.7%), Acarus siro (41.8%), and Tyrophagus putrescentiae (40.0%). Among these taxa, the mites of known allergen importance were L. destructor, A. siro complex, and T. putrescentiae, and also Glycyphagus domesticus, Tyrophagus longior, and Chortoglyphus arcuatus (although these were much less frequent in the examined samples). The greatest taxonomic richness was observed in fodder samples from the university animal house and samples from hen houses, and the smallest in cowshed litter. The results confirmed the high incidence of storage mites in the examined farm buildings.
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  • Department of Biology and Medical Parasitology, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Powstancow Wielkopolskich 72, 70-111 Szczecin, Poland
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