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1989 | 40 | 5-6 |
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Effect of the menstrual cycle on gastric emptying

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Jonderko, K: Effect of the menstrual cycle on gastric emptying. Acta physiol, pol., 1989, 40 (5-6): 504-510. Gastric emptying of a radiolabelled solid meal was studied in 19 women. The gastric emptying curves were analyzed with the use of a power-exponential fitting, and the results were related to the phases of the menstrual cycle. No significant differences between the phases of the menstrual cycle were found when the rates of gastric emptying were compared. However, different emptying patterns in each phase of menstrual cycle were revealed by the analysis of the curve shape parametr, S. The physiological and clinical relevance of the findings is discussed.
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  • Department of Gastroenterology, Silesian School of Medicine, Katowice, Poland
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