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2014 | 36 | 05 |

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The occurrence of chloroplast peripheral reticulum in grasses: a matter of phylogeny or a matter of function?

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The chloroplast peripheral reticulum (PR) is a structure of unknown function. Some authors postulated that it is a characteristic feature of C₄ plants, although it was reported from C₃ species as well. It is unknown whether the occurrence of PR follows a phylogenetic (it is found in clades containing C₄ species, regardless of the photosynthetic type) or functional (photosynthetic pathway dependent) pattern. Here, we present a phylogenetically controlled analysis of the occurrence, form and functional aspects of PR in grasses. The occurrence of the PR follows a functional and not a phylogenetic pattern. Its most elaborated form (PR type I) is a unique feature of C₄ species. Although PR was found in some of the studied C₃ grasses, it was always less developed than PR in the chloroplasts of Kranz mesophyll cells of C₄ species. The size of PR in C₄ plants was found to increase when the plants were grown under low light intensity. Additional observations, such as a negative correlation between PR size and chloroplast surface and PR occurrence in vicinity of mitochondria or plasmodesmata, suggest that PR may play some role in C₄ metabolism.

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  • Department of Plant Molecular Ecophysiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Miecznikowa 1, 02-096 Warsaw, Poland
  • Department of Plant Molecular Ecophysiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Miecznikowa 1, 02-096 Warsaw, Poland
  • Plant Biochemistry and Physiology Department, Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute, National Research Institute, Radzikow, 05-870 Blonie, Poland


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