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2013 | 17 |

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A comparative analysis of dynamics of stem growth and phenological stages of Rubus species in cultivation

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In recent years extensive attention has been given to the Rubus genus, but knowledge on the ecology of most of its species, including rhythmic development, is still insuffi cient. Such data may have practical applications, since blackberry species are economically important. The goal of the study was to analyse phenology and growth rate of vegetative and generative stems in 10 Rubus species of different systematic affi nity (belonging to two subspecies and three sections), growing in the Dendrological Garden of the Poznań University of Life Sciences. Some habitat factors were also taken into consideration. Field investigations were carried out for three growing seasons. The plants were evaluated for phenology twice a week, while the length of their stems was measured once a week. Diff erences were observed in the seasonal rhythm of individual species. Weather factors distinctly infl uenced the course of development phases in all the Rubus species. Drought during the growing season caused fl owering disorders, withering of fruit, earlier autumn leaf coloration, and fall of leaves. Rubus idaeus and R. fabrimontanus ripened all of their fruits each year of observations and seemed to be the most adapted for fruit production. Rubus fabrimontanus, R. kuleszae and R. praecox were the most vigorous species with reference to shoot growth. This study revealed that only some species were fully acclimated to the conditions of the Dendrological Garden, since they successfully completed their entire fl owering and fruiting cycles.






Opis fizyczny



  • Department of Botany, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Wojska Polskiego 71C, 60-625 Poznan, Poland
  • Department of Forest Botany, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Wojska Polskiego 71D, 60-625 Poznan, Poland


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