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2017 | 24 | Special Issue S3 |
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Numerical simulation study on exposed reinforced anti-corrosion layer damage of the cross-sea bridge under the marine environment

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To solve the problem of low precision of numerical simulation of the exposed reinforced anti-corrosion layer damage of the cross-sea bridge, we use the stress ratio between the double slash and the reinforced anti-corrosion layer to analyze the parameters and the damage rate in different qualities of reinforced anti-corrosion layers, use Ansys software to build reinforced finite element model, and analyze the damage degree when the inclination angle was 15 °, 45 ° and 60 °, respectively. The experimental results showed that the proposed method can improve the numerical simulation efficiency, the numerical simulation results, the experimental results, and the theoretical analysis results have good consistency and stability
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  • School of Highway Engineering, Chang'an University,Xi'an, 710064, China
  • School of Highway Engineering, Chang'an University,Xi'an, 710064, China
  • Institute of Bridge Engineering, Chang’an University, Xi'an, 710064, China
  • School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an, 710054, China
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