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2008 | 30 | 1 |
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Effect of NaCl concentrations in irrigation water on growth and plyamine metabolism in two citrus rootstocks with different levels of salinity tolerance

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Six-months-old, uniform sized seedlings of two citrus rootstocks; Cleopatra mandarin (Citrus reshni Hort. ex Tan) and Troyer citrange (Poncirus trifoliata · Citrus sinensis) were irrigated with half-strength Hoagland nutrient solution containing 0, 40 or 80 mM NaCl for 12 weeks. Shoot height, leaf number and fresh weights of the seedlings, and relative chlorophyll contents, chlorophyll fluorescence yields (Fv/Fm), net photosynthetic and respiration rates in the leaves decreased with the incre ase in salinity level in the irrigation water. The decrease wasgreater in Troyer citrange as compared to Cleopatra mandarin. The concentrations of sugars i.e. fructose, glucose and sucrose in the leaves of Cleopatra mandarin and both leaves and roots of Troyer citrange decreased with the increase in salinity level. However, the concentrations in the roots of Cleopatra mandarin increased with the increase in salinity level. Free proline content in the leaves of Troyer citrange and root tissue of Cleopatra mandarin also increased with the increased salinity level. Among the polyamines, spermine titer increased in the leaves of both rootstocks as a response to salinity treatments. Na+ concentrations were higher in leaf and root tissue of Cleopatra mandarin, while that of Cl were higher in Troyer citrange
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