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Free radical scavenging and antioxidant potential of mangrove plants: a review

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Free radicals derived from reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species are generated in our body by normal cellular metabolism which is enhanced under stress conditions. The most vulnerable biological targets of free radicals are cell structures including proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Since antioxidants synthesized in the body are not sufficient under oxidative stress, their exogenous supply is important to prevent the body from free radical-induced injury. Recent researches have shown that antioxidants of plant origin with free radical scavenging property could have great importance as therapeutic agents in management of oxidative stress. Mangrove plants growing in inhospitable environment of the intertidal regions of land and sea in tropics and sub-tropics are equipped with very efficient free radical scavenging system to withstand the variety of stress conditions. These mangrove plants possess variety of phytochemical and are rich in phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, isoflavones, flavones, anthocyanins, coumarins, lignans, catechins, isocatechins, etc., which served as source of antioxidants. Isolation and identification of these antioxidant compounds offer great potential for their pharmaceutical exploitations. However, no comprehensive literature is available on antioxidants’ studies in mangrove plants in particular. Hence, the present review discusses the antioxidant potential of mangrove plants with its specific role under salt stress as well as the progress made so far in evaluation of antioxidant activities of different mangrove species.

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  • Department of Biotechnology, College of Engineering and Technology, Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Bhubaneswar, 751003, India
  • Department of Biotechnology, College of Engineering and Technology, Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Bhubaneswar, 751003, India
  • Department of Biotechnology, College of Engineering and Technology, Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Bhubaneswar, 751003, India


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