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2013 | 63 | 2 |

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Characterization of European populations of Aporcella vitrinus (Thorne et Swanger, 1936) with SEM observations and first report of its male (Nematoda: Dorylaimida: Aporcelaimidae)

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European populations of Aporcella vitrinus, mainly collected in natural habitats of southeastern Iberian Peninsula are studied and described, including SEM observations and the first report of the male. They are characterized by its body 1.20-1.86 mm long, lateral chord bearing gland bodies, lip region offset by weak constriction and 11-13 µm broad, odontostyle 12-13 /µm long, neck 333-374 fim long, pharyngeal expansion 149-185 µm long or 44-51% of total neck length, uterus simple and 28-48 /µm long or 0.6-1.2 times the corresponding body diameter, pars refringens vaginae absent, V = 48-53, tail convex conoid (21-31 µm, c = 45-77, c' = 0.9-1.4), spicules 43 µm long, and six irregularly spaced ventromedian supplements with hiatus. European specimens are compared to type American ones, but do not differ significantly from these although morphometrical ranges are wider in European material. SEM pictures show a symmetrically biradial lip region pattern, totally similar to that found in Aporcelaimellus.









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  • Departamento de Biología, Animal, Biología Vegetal y Ecologia, Universidad de Jaen, Campus ‘Las Lagunillas' s/n, Edificio B3, 23071- Jaen, Spain
  • Departamento de Biología, Animal, Biología Vegetal y Ecologia, Universidad de Jaen, Campus ‘Las Lagunillas' s/n, Edificio B3, 23071- Jaen, Spain


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