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2008 | 15 | 2 |

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Contemporary diagnostic methods for ship engines: a report on scientific research activity of Polish Naval Academy in this field


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This paper devoted to ship combustion engine diagnostics, presents short characteristics of experimental test techniques applicable to state assessment of piston and gas turbine engines presently being in use in Polish Navy. Some metrological and organizational aspects of realization of necessary diagnostic tests as well as measurements of control parameters of engines of low susceptibility to control, were highlighted. Such engines are installed a.o. on board American origin frigates of Oliver Hazard Perry type as well as Norwegian origin submarines of Kobben type which have been recently incorporated into Polish Navy (i.e.General Electric turbine engines, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes Benz piston engines), as well as older engines of Russian production (Zorya turbine engines, Zvezda piston engines). Applicability of particular diagnostic methods was also assessed from the point of view of their effectiveness in identifying engine failures in conditions of its operation in ship power plant. Recently realized tests have made it possible to conduct operation of all piston and turbine engines used on board Polish Navy ships in accordance with their current technical state. On the average 120-130 diagnostic expertises are yearly issued, and the carried-out tests cover main functional systems of engines together with their control and safety subsystems

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  • Mechanic-Electric Faculty, Polish Naval University, Smidowicza 69, 81-103 Gdynia, Poland


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