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2006 | 48 | 1 |
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Immunolocalization of lipoxygenase in the anther of Gagea lutea [L.] Ker.-Gaw.

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Immunogold labelling revealed the presence of lipoxygenase (LOX) in different parts and types of anther cells of Gagea lutea. LOX was found in the cytoplasm and close to ER elements in epidermal and endothecial cells, and close to the cell walls of the latter. The positive immunoreaction to LOX was less intense in the middle layers and the loculus of the anther, where single immunogold particles were concentrated at the cell walls of these layers and in the protoplast masses, in vacuoles, close to mitochondria, inside plastids, and in the liquid of the anther cavity. LOX occurred in the cytoplasm and around ER elements of pollen grains as well as in the exine layer, particularly in contact regions between the outer and inner exine layers. The correlations between LOX localization in different anther cells and the functioning of particular anther parts are discussed.
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  • Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Akademicka 19, 20-033 Lublin, Poland
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