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2004 | 46 |
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Seed development in Solanum muricatum Aiton

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In Solanum muricatum Aiton the development of cellular endosperm preceded the divisions of the zygote, and 5 days after pollination (dap) it consisted of several cells. The mature endosperm accumulated lipid and protein bodies. The separation and secretion zone on the embryo/endosperm interface was noted at 20 dap. The first division of the zygote occurred at 7 dap. The apical cell of the 2-celled proembryo produced the embryo proper, and the basal one gave rise to the suspensor, the central part of the root cap (columella) and the connecting layer of the embryonic root meristem. Four-celled proembryos were observed with the cells in linear arrangement at 8 dap. The first globular embryos were found at 16 dap, heart-stage embryos at 26 dap, torpedo-shaped embryos at 30 dap, and circinate embryos at 33 dap. After 56 dap no further changes were observed in the anatomical structure of the embryos. The testa of mature seeds was composed of the outer epidermis of the integument and a layer of obliterated parenchyma and endothelium.
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