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2007 | 52 | 4 |
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A new species of Philometra [Nematoda, Philometridae] from the gonads of the rosk hind Epinephelus adscensionis [Osteichthyes] from the Southern Gulf of Mexico

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A new species of parasitic nematode, Philometra mexicana sp. nov. (Philometridae), is described based on males and females parasitizing the gonads of the marine perciform fish (rock hind) Epinephelus adscensionis (Osbeck) (Serranidae) off the coast of the southern Gulf of Mexico (reefs of the Enmedio Island, Veracruz), Mexico, collected on 10 April 1990. The new species is characterized mainly by very small males (body length 1.63–1.86 mm) with equally long, needle-like spicules (length 90–120 μm) and the gubernaculum (57–66 μm) without the usual dorsal barb on the distal end, the body length of gravid females (178–230 mm), the presence of a well-developed anterior bulbous inflation on the female oesophagus, and by the length of the first-stage larvae (420–435 μm). A comparison with other congeners parasitizing the gonads of marine fishes is provided. The cephalic end of the gravid female of Philometra margolisi Moravec, Vidal-Martínez et Aguirre-Macedo, 1995, another related species from the gonads of Epinephelus [E. morio (Valenciennes)] in Mexico, has been studied by SEM for the first time; it confirms the arrangement of the cephalic papillae as reported in the original species description. Philometra mexicana is the fifth species of Philometra reported from the gonads of marine fishes in the West Atlantic region.
Opis fizyczny
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