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2001 | 51 | 3 |
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Formica rufa L. protects indirectly F.fusca L. against raids of F.sanguinea Latr. [Hymenoptera: Formicidae]

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By protecting their territory against all territorial ants, Formica rufa L. indirectly protected F. fusca L., nesting within their territory, against F. sanguinea Latr. raids. The permanent costs to F. fusca caused by highly aggressive F. rufa within their territories were outweighed by the benefits obtained by F. rufa’s protection against periodic raids of F. sanguinea. We interprete our findings in the light of the hierarchy competitive framework as follows.
Opis fizyczny
  • Museum of Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Wilcza 64, 00-679 Warsaw, Poland
  • Department of Ecology and Systematics, P.O. Box 17, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
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