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2001 | 04 | 2 |
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Influence of cultivation period, cultivar and usable part on content of chlorophylls and volatile oils in dill [Anethum graveolens L.]

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The investigation was carried out on the usable parts of dill plants, cultivars Amat, Ambrozja, and Lukullus, grown from spring to autumn. Dill seeds were sown on 10th April, 10th May, 10th June, 10th July, and 10th August 2000. Harvesting was conducted when the dill plants reached the height of 25-cm i.e. after 36-45 days, depending on the cultivar and period of cultivation. The content of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, total chlorophylls, and volatile oils was determined in the leafy part and in leaves with petioles of dill.
Opis fizyczny
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