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1997 | 44 | 4 |
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Phosphorylation of sucrose synthase from maize seedlings

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Two isoforms of sucrose synthase (SS1 and SS2) from maize (Zea mays, var. Mona) seedlings co-purified with a calcium and phospholipid dependent protein kinase. The enzymatic preparation obtained gave a positive reaction with the antibody against mammalian protein kinase C. Maize sucrose synthase was phosphorylated by the endogenous protein kinase. Also, mammalian protein kinases (protein kinase C and protein kinase A) were able to phosphorylate the 86 kDa subunit of sucrose synthase. When excised seedlings were fed [32P]orthophosphate, sucrose synthase was also phosphorylated. Microsequencing of in vivo labelled enzyme has shown phosphorylation of Ser-15 in SS2. The present work provides evidence that maize sucrose synthase is the physiological substrate of the endogenous calcium and phospholipid dependent protein kinase(s).
Opis fizyczny
  • Biomedical Centre, Box 575, S-75123 Uppsala, Sweden
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