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2004 | 13 | 2 |

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Examining the effect of the type of roofing on pollutant content in roof runoff waters from buildings in selected districts of the city of Gdansk


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This paper presents results of research regarding concentration levels of selected pollutants in samples of roof runoff waters from buildings. The concentrations of the following analytes were marked: organonitrogen, organophosphorus and organochlorine pesticides, the cations: Na+, K+, NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2 and the anions: F-, Br-, Cl-, NO2-, NO3-, PO43-, SO42-, furthermore, measurements of conductance and pH value were performed. Samples were collected in several districts of the city of Gdańsk (Karczemki, Osowa, Przymorze) with old and modern-type buildings with various types of roofing. Catchings were taken over a period of 6 months, always during rainfall. The results obtained allowed us to assess the presence and concentration of the given analytes contained in roof runoff waters from buildings, and so, their contribution to the general pollution of runoff waters. A correlation between the type of roofing and the level of concentration of particular analyte groups was noted, which shows that the materials that roofs are made from (as surfaces and as materials) can be an additional factor influencing the pollution of waters running off them.








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  • Technical University of Gdansk, Narutowicza 11-12, 80-952 Gdansk, Poland


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