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2006 | 09 | 2 |
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Values of some blood parameters in dairy cows before and after delivery as a diagnostic monitoring of health in herd

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On dairy farms with high milk production there are much health problems. One of the most important periods, the critical time in dairy cows production is calving. In controlling and resolving of these problems the great role have the farmer and the veterinarian. There are many varied methods of dairy farms supervising. Diagnostic monitoring in herds of dairy cattle has an important role in controls an acceptable level of health and productivity in the cows and their progeny. Being familiar with the internal environment of the animal enables early detection of any dangers to the health of the animal and enables one to react before any clinical signs appear. Thus management in periparturient dairy cows is very important for prevention of many disturbances. The aim of the study was to compare the values of selected blood parameters in dairy cows shortly pre and post partum. It had to answer on the question The materials consisted of 30 clinical healthy cows tested 3-7 days before calving and 3-5 days after calving in this same good environmental and nutritional conditions (borning room). Selected twenty one various biochemical and morphological parameters of the blood similar to standard metabolic profile were included in the study. Significant differences (α=0.05) were noted in total bilirubin, SGOT, inorganic phosphorus, Calcium and Chloride. Parturition is an important period in cows from the point of view of the physiological changes taking place which in turn produce measurable, significant changes in the diagnostic parameters of the blood. These differences are presented in the paper.
Opis fizyczny
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