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Nematode fauna of a cultivated peat meadow in relation to soil depth

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Vertical distribution of nematodes down to a depth of 50 cm was studied in a peat, meadow soil in north-eastern part of Poland. The abundance and generic composition of nematode fauna in five soil layers (0-10, 10-20, 20-30, and 40-50 cm) were analysed. It was found that total numbers of nematodes and their generic diversity decreased with increasing soil depth. Out of all nematodes, 65% (in May) and 72% (in September) were found down to a depth of 20 cm. The proportion of nematodes in the deepest studied soil layer (40-50 cm) was the lowest, about 9% in spring samples and only 1.3% in autumn samples. Nematode fauna of the studied site was represented by 43 genera from 27 families. The most common genera in both sampling occasions were Acrobeloides, Aglenchus, Cephalobus, Filenchus, Helicotylenchus, Rotylenchus and Rhabdolaimus. Considerable differences in vertical distribution of some genera were also found. An attempt was made to use some soil characteristics of the studied site in interpretation of the results.
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