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2004 | 13 | 3 |
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Artificial intelligence and primary prevention of health hazards related to changes of elements in the environment

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Some methods of artificial intelligence are evaluated in relation to development of medical elementology and primary prevention of health hazards related to antropogenic changes in the natural environment and the human food chain, diet, etc. Searching for a new paradigm of the cross-disciplinary system approach to nutritional prevention of excess or deficiency of some elements is very time- and cost-consuming task. Using artificial intelligence methods we obtained interesting conclusions on the basis of apparently fully exploited experimental data. Artificial intelligence (data mining and automatic knowledge discovering in particular) seems to be useful for developing interdisciplinary studies on medical elementology focused on application of scientific and technical progress for early detection of environmental health hazards related to excess or deficiency of selected elements in the natural environment, trophic chains and endoecological aspects (referring to possible inbalance of the basic homeostatic system). This cooperation was initiated by the foundating members of the International Union of Elementologists in New Delhi in 1983 and developed by a series of case studies, international conferences and monographs. Integration of studies in ecotoxicology, human ecology, environmental health with application of progress in informatics and environmental biotechnology is promising for more effective protection of health of consumers connected with changes of elements in the human diet and body (including primary prevention of some diseases of civilization).
Opis fizyczny
  • University of Science and Technology, al.Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Krakow, Poland
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