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1999 | 44 | 1 |
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New data on allele frequencies of coat phenotypes of cats from Madeira and Azores islands [North Atlantic, Portugal]

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To determine allele frequencies, surveys of coat phenotypes of domestic cats were conducted in Madeira Island (Madeira archipelago) and Flores Island (Azores archi­pelago). The samples fitted a 1:1 sex ratio and panmitic populations were assumed based on the analysis of the O locus. The genetic profiles were compared to those from other Atlantic littoral populations and a marked deviation was detected at Flores Island referring to very high values of d, XV and I alleles. The differences were interpreted as indicating that cats from Flores may reflect the condition of continental cats in former times. The Madeira population is more similar to Western Europe probably due to more close and continual contact in recent years.
Opis fizyczny
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