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2006 | 28 | 6 |
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Effect of controlled carbon dioxide on in vitro shoot multiplication in Feronia limonia [L.] Swingle

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The effect of controlled carbon dioxide environment on in vitro shoot growth and multiplication in Feronia limonia (a tropical fruit plant, Family- Rutaceae) was studied. Carbon dioxide available in the ambient air of the growth room was insufficient for in vitro growth of the shoots alone. Also, the presence of sucrose only as the C-source in the medium (without CO2), was found to be inadequate for sustainable growth and multiplication of shoots. The carbon dioxide enrichment promoted shoot multiplication and overall growth. The promotory effect of CO2 was independent of the presence of sucrose in the medium. In the presence of both CO2 and sucrose, an additive effect was observed producing maximum shoot growth. In the absence of sucrose a higher concentration of CO2 (10.0) gm⁻³ was required to achieve photoautotrophic shoot multiplication comparable to ambient air controls. Highest leaf area per shoot cluster promoting shoot growth and multiplication was recorded under this treatment. Shoots growing on sucrose containing medium under controlled CO2 environment of 0.6 gm⁻³ concentration evoked better response than ambient air controls (shoots growing on sucrose containing medium) in growth room. This treatment produced the overall best response. The present study highlighted the possibility of photoautotrophic multiplication which might prove useful for successful hardening and acclimatization in tissue culture plants.
Opis fizyczny
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