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2008 | 56 | 1 |
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Growth of Vaccinium myrtillus L. [Ericaceae] in spruce forests damaged by air pollution

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The growth parameters of the Vaccinium myrtillus shoots were studied on a vertical transect crossing localities “Muraň“ (1080–1110 m a.s.l., skeli-humic podzols, Fageta abietino-piceosa) and “Hliniky“ (950–960 m a.s.l, dystric cambisols, Abieti-Fageta inferiora) in the protected zone of the National park “Slovensky raj“ (Spiš region, East Slovakia). In the localities, both contaminated by air pollution research plots in undamaged and damaged (with lower stand density and canopy compactness) spruce ecosystems were established. The content of Al and Cr was significantly higher in cambisols, and that of Cd – in podzols. The limit values calculated for both soils have been exceeded only in case of mercury. The Al content in bilberry twigs exceeded the background values (by 44–76%) in case of the both plots situated on locality “Muraň”, and that of Ni and Pb concentrations (by 3–60%) only on damaged plot. The mean content of Ni and Pb was significantly higher in bilberry twigs growing on podzols and the mean content of Al was significantly higher in plants on undamaged plots. The mean length, weight as well as energy content of bilberry twigs were significantly higher in damaged spruce plots (on average by 33%), probably due to favourable light conditions.
Opis fizyczny
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