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2002 | 07 | 2A |

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The mapping of QTLs for chlorophyll content and responsiveness to gibberellic (GA3) and abscisic (ABA) acids in rye

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Genetic maps containing molecular markers are useful tools for the identification of genes underlying quantitative traits (QTLs). Three traits important for plant physiology, i.e. chlorophyll content, sensitivity to GA and sensitivity to ABA, were evaluated for 99 F2 families of the DS2 x RXLl0 rye mapping population. The observed variation in the chlorophyll content in rye leaves was shown to be under the genetic control of four independent QTLs. They were located on the following chromosome arms: 1RL (QChc-1R.I), 3RS (QChc-3R.1), 4RL (QChc-4R.1) and 5RL (QChc-5R.1) The marker-assisted selection of recombinants comprising positively-acting alleles at these loci may significantly increase the chlorophyll content in rye leaves, which should result in a higher efficiency of photosynthesis. A decreasing of plant height in rye is one of the major aims of breeders selecting for lodging resistance. The polymorphism of genes controlling sensitivity to gibberellic acid may be the basis for a potential selection strategy. Three QTLs underlying the sensitivity of rye seedlings to GA were located on chromosomes 5RL (QGar-5R.I), 1RL (QGar-1R.1) and on 7RL (QGar-7R.I). The dwarfing allele of a Dw1 locus present in line RXL10 was mapped in the same position as the QGar-5R.1 gene. Sensitivity to ABA plays an important role in imposing dormancy in rye grain. Three QTLs affecting sensitivity to ABA were found. They were mapped on chromosomes 1RS (QAbr-1R.1), 2R in the centromeric region (QAbr-2R.1) and on 5RL (QAbr-5R.1). QAbr-5R.1, Dw1 and QGar-5R.1 are located in the same position on the distal part of the 5RL chromosome arm, which suggests that they belong to a single locus for a major regulatory gene controlling the development of rye plants.








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  • Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural University, Slowackiego 17, 71-434 Szczecin, Poland
  • Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural University, Slowackiego 17, 71-434 Szczecin, Poland


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