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2014 | 36 | 11 |

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Production of salidroside and polysaccharides in Rhodiola sachalinensis using airlift bioreactor systems

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Rhodiola sachalinensis is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, and salidroside and polysaccharides are its important bioactive compounds. This study used airlift bioreactor systems to produce mass bioactive compounds through callus culture. Several factors affecting callus biomass and bioactive compound accumulation were investigated. Callus growth was vigorous in a bioreactor system, and the growth ratio was 2.8-fold higher in bioreactor culture than in agitated-flask culture. Callus biomass and polysaccharide content were favorable at 0.1 air volume per culture volume per min (vvm), whereas favorable salidroside content was observed at a high air volume (0.2 vvm). The maximum yields of salidroside (7.90 mg l⁻¹) and polysaccharide (2.87 g l⁻¹) were obtained at 0.1 vvm. Inoculum density greatly affected callus biomass and bioactive compound accumulation, and the highest biomass and contents or yields of salidroside and polysaccharide were determined at a high inoculum density of 12.5 g l⁻¹. The level of hydrogen ion concentration (pH) at 5.8 improved callus biomass accumulation. Acidic medium (pH 4.8) stimulated salidroside synthesis but higher pH level (7.8) promoted polysaccharide accumulation. The highest yields of both bioactive compounds were obtained at pH 5.8. Methyl jasmonate (MeJA) participated in synthesis promotion of bioactive compounds, and the contents and yields of salidroside [4.75 mg g⁻¹ dry weight (DW), 58.43 mg l⁻¹] and polysaccharides (392.41 mg g⁻¹ DW, 4.79 g l⁻¹) were at maximum at 125 and 150 lmol of MeJA. Therefore, bioreactor systems can be used to produce R. sachalinensis bioactive compounds, and callus culture in a bioreactor can be as an alternative method for supplying materials for commercial drug production.

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  • Key Laboratory of Nature Resource, Changbai Mountain and Functional Molecular (Yanbian University), Ministry of Education, Park Road 977, Yanji, 133002, Jilin, China
  • Key Laboratory of Nature Resource, Changbai Mountain and Functional Molecular (Yanbian University), Ministry of Education, Park Road 977, Yanji, 133002, Jilin, China
  • Department of Horticulture Science, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, 361-763, Republic of Korea
  • Key Laboratory of Nature Resource, Changbai Mountain and Functional Molecular (Yanbian University), Ministry of Education, Park Road 977, Yanji, 133002, Jilin, China
  • Key Laboratory of Nature Resource, Changbai Mountain and Functional Molecular (Yanbian University), Ministry of Education, Park Road 977, Yanji, 133002, Jilin, China


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