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2007 | Special Issue S1 |
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A semi-Markov model of fuel combustion process in a diesel engine

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A four-state model of the combustion process in working spaces (cylinders) of a diesel engine is presented in the form of a semi-Markov process, discrete in states and continuous in time. The values in this process are the states : s1, s2, s3, s4 corresponding to commonly accepted types of combustion in those engines, namely : s1 − the process state which corresponds to total (complete and perfect) combustion, s2 − the process state which corresponds to incomplete combustion, s3 − the process state which corresponds to imperfect combustion, and s4 − the process state which corresponds to both incomplete and imperfect combustion. It is also mentioned that proper use of diesel engines can secure a correct course of the combustion process, if it is properly attended and shaped. During this course the state s4 does not take place. Formulas are given which make it possible to determine the probability of staying of the combustion process in the above named states, along with the interpretation of the probability P1 = P(s1) as the probability of correct (reliable) engine operation.
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  • Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, Gdansk University of Technology, Narutowicza 11/12, 80-952 Gdansk, Poland
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