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2016 | 25 | 2[72] |
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Statistical examination of the aerosols loading over Kano-Nigeria: the satellite observation analysis

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Statistical examination of the aerosols loading over Kano – Nigeria: the Satellite observation analysis. The problem of underestimating or overestimating the aerosols loading over Kano is readily becoming a global challenge. Recent health outcomes from an extensive effect of aerosols pollution has started manifesting in Kano. The aim of the research is to estimate the aerosols loading and retention over Kano. Thirteen years aerosol optical depth (AOD) data was obtained from the Multi-angle imaging spectroradiometer (MISR). Statistical tools, as well as analytically derived model for aerosols loading were used to obtain the aerosols retention and loading over the area. It was discovered that the average aerosols retention over Kano is 4.9%. The atmospheric constants over Kano were documented. Due to the volume of aerosols over Kano, it is necessary to change the ITU model which relates to signal budgeting.
Opis fizyczny
  • Department of Physics, Covenant University, Canaan land, P.M.B.1023, Ota, Nigeria
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, Covenant University, Canaan land, P.M.B.1023, Ota, Nigeria
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, Covenant University, Canaan land, P.M.B.1023, Ota, Nigeria
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