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2008 | 30 | 2 |
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Morphogenic capability of Gentiana kurroo Royale seedling and leaf explants

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Experiments have been carried out on seedling and primary leaf explants of Gentiana kurroo Royle. Morphogenic capacities of cotyledons, hypocotyls and roots were investigated using MS (1962) medium supplemented with 4.64 μM kinetin and 2.26, 4.52 or 9.04 μM 2,4-D. Percentage of callusing explants for each combination was inversely proportional to numbers of obtained embryos. Cotyledons showed the highest morphogenic capabilities. To assess the morphogenic potential of leaf explants, 189 combinations of auxin (NAA, dicamba and 2,4-D) and cytokinin (kinetin, BAP, zeatin, CPPU and TDZ) in different concentrations were tested. The presence of NAA with BAP and dicamba with zeatin produced the greatest number of differentiated somatic embryos. Microscopic analysis of responsive explants led to identifying rhizogenic centers, non-embryogenic and embryogenic cells. The best embryo conversion into germlings was obtained on MS medium containing 4.46 μM kinetin, 1.44 μM GA3 and 2.68 μM NAA or ½ MS. Both media were supplemented with 4.0% sucrose and 8.0% agar. Depending on explant origin and conversion medium, 55.8–71.0% of somatic embryos developed into germlings and plants.
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  • Botanical Garden, Center for Biological Diversity Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences, Prawdziwka 2 Str., 02-973 Warsaw, Poland
  • Botanical Garden, Center for Biological Diversity Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences, Prawdziwka 2 Str., 02-973 Warsaw, Poland
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