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2011 | 29 | 4 |
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Polymorphism A/C in exon 7 of the bovine estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) gene and its association with functional and milk production traits in Red-and-White cattle

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Due to the functions that estrogens play in the regulation of reproduction, development of mammary gland, growth and differentiation of cells, estrogen receptors and their genes are considered candidates for molecular markers of production and functional traits in farm animals. In this study,using the SSCP and DNA sequencing, we found a novel single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the coding region of the estrogen receptor α (ERα) gene – the A/C transversion at position 323,396 (relative to the start of transcription site), in exon 7, that could be also detected with RFLP-CfrI.This mutation causes the amino acid replacement – Asparatic acid/Alanine in the ligand-binding domain (LBD) of the receptor.The ERα A/C (RFLP-CfrI) genotypes were estimated in a cohort of 489 cattle of different breeds,including 355 Red-and-White cows. Association was studied between ERα genotype and dairy production traits (milk yield and composition) and functional traits (reproduction, length of productive life). The results showed that ERα A/C genotype affected significantly only a few traits of interest: protein and fat content in milk, sex of calves born. No associations were detected between ERα genotype and milk yield and reproduction traits of Red-and-White cows.
Opis fizyczny
  • Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzebiec, 05-552 Wolka Kosowska, Poland
  • Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzebiec, 05-552 Wolka Kosowska, Poland
  • Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzebiec, 05-552 Wolka Kosowska, Poland
  • Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzebiec, 05-552 Wolka Kosowska, Poland
  • Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzebiec, 05-552 Wolka Kosowska, Poland
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