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2017 | 20 | 3 |
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First report of Feline Calicivirus (FCV) infection in stray cats in northeast China

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To improve our understanding of Feline calicivirus (FCV) infection in cats in Northeast China, 1584 serum samples from 974 domestic cats and 610 stray cats were collected between 2012 and 2015. The samples were tested for FCV antibodies using a commercially available ELISA kit. The results revealed an overall seroprevalence of 37.56% (595/1584), a seroprevalence in domestic cats of 32.85% (320/974) and a seroprevalence in stray cats of 45.08% (275/610). Risk factor analysis indicated that species was the only risk factor for the presence of FCV (OR=1.678, 95% CI=1.362-2.066, P<0.001); age, season, region and gender were not risk factors. This is the first report of FCV infection in stray cats in China, and the results of this study can aid in FCV infection control in the felidae family.
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  • College of Animal Science and Technology, Jilin Agricultural University, Xincheng Street No. 2888, Changchun 130118, P. R. China
  • College of Animal Science and Technology, Jilin Agricultural University, Xincheng Street No. 2888, Changchun 130118, P. R. China
  • College of Animal Science and Technology, Jilin Agricultural University, Xincheng Street No. 2888, Changchun 130118, P. R. China
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