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2012 | 52 | 1 |
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Comparative potential of different botanicals and synthetic insecticides and their economics against Leucinodes orbonalis in eggplant

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The field experiment was conducted to evaluate the potential of two botanicals viz; ozoneem and neem seed kernel extract (NSKE) and three chemical insecticides viz; imidacloprid, alphamathrin, chlorpyriphos 50% EC + cypermethrin 5% EC against Leucinodes orbonalis, during the years from 2008 to 2009. Botanicals were tested alone and in combination with cultural practices. On the basis of the pooled means, the results revealed that three sprays of chlorpyriphos + cypermethrin @ 0.01% active substance (a.s.) in 15 days intervals was found to be the most economical, resulting in minimum shoot (2.15%) and fruit (12.95%) infestation respectively, followed by alphamathrin @ 0.01% a.s. with a highest marketable yield of 87.77 q/ha. Maximum marketable yield was received from the treatment with alphamathrin, but due to high costs involved in the use of this chemical, it took second place. Three sprays of NSKE @ 5 ml/lt. recorded a maximum of shoot (3.91%) and fruit (24.49%) infestation, respectively. However, shoot and fruit infestation was brought down and marketable yield increased to some extent, when these treatments were combined with cultural methods. It is therefore, suggested that the combination of chlorpyriphos 50% EC + cypermethrin 5% EC, being the most effective and economically viable insecticide, can be utilized as a valuable chemical component in Integrated Pest Management to manage the L. orbonalis in eggplant crop.
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