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2011 | 51 | 4 |

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In vitro influence of selected fungicides on Sphacelotheca reiliana and Ustilago maydis


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The study evaluates the effects of selected fungicides on radial mycelial growth and the germination of teliospores and sporidia in two species. The influence of fungicides on the growth of the same developmental forms of both fungi varied at times. Germination of teliospores Ustilago maydis in all used concentrations completely inhibited the fungicides: benomyl, carboxin and thiram, flusilazole. Complete inhibition the germination of teliospores and sporidia Sphacelotheca reiliana caused grapefruit extract, benomyl, carboxin and thiram at concentrations of 10,000 to 100 mg/ml and azoxystrobin, flusilazole at concentrations of 10,000 to 1,000 mg/ml. Inhibition of mycelial growth of both species by the fungicides used was weaker than the inhibition the germination of teliospores and sporidia.

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  • Department of Phytopathology, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Dabrowskiego 159, 60-594 Poznan, Poland


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