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2020 | 27 | 1 |

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Study on hydrodynamic configuration parameters of vertical-axis tidal turbine

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In this paper, a numerical code for predicting the hydrodynamic performance of vertical-axis tidal turbine array is developed. The effect of the tip speed ratio, solidity, and preset angle on the hydrodynamic performance are discussed using a series of calculations. The load principle of the rotor and the variation principle of the turbine power coefficient are studied. All these results can be considered as a reference for the design of vertical-axis tidal turbines

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  • Ningbo University, Fenghua Road, 315000 Ningbo, China
  • Wuhan Rules and Research Institute, Liujiaoting Road, 430000 Wuhan, China
  • Liaoning Technical University, Yulong Road, 123000 Fuxin, China
  • Ningbo University, Fenghua Road, 315000 Ningbo, China
  • Ningbo University, Fenghua Road, 315000 Ningbo, China


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