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2020 | 27 | 1 |

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Application of vibroacoustic diagnosis in assessing bridges connecting teeth and implants to treat tooth absence in sea vessel crews

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Implant treatment is a proven method in dentistry for partial and complete missing teeth reconstruction. In some clinical situations it is advisable to limit the number of implants, which can be obtained by making a bridge connecting the patient’s own tooth with the implant. So far, the possibility of using safe and permanent connections of natural teeth with implants has been examined to a small extent due to the dangers resulting from the different mobility of dental implants and teeth. An attempt was made to use vibro-acoustic techniques to evaluate various combinations of teeth and implants. Pilot studies were carried out on cadavers-pig mandibles with implants. There were recorded sounds in the immediate vicinity of the mandible formed in response to impulse excitations carried out with a point hit against a tooth or implant before and after their joining with a bridge. The comparison of spectra allows to see features indicating a high probability of being able to distinguish between the examined configurations. The results of the research should contribute to a better understanding of the mutual relations between the dental implant and the tooth, which are included in bridge. In the perspective, it will enable to assess the level of safety and to identify clinical situations that allow to obtain dental bridges based on teeth and implants

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  • Military Institute of Medicine, Clinics of Otorhinolaryngology and Laryngological Oncology with the Clinical Ward of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery , Szaserow 128, 04-141 Warsaw, Poland
  • Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Narbutta 84, 02-524 Warsaw, Poland
  • Department of Histology and Embryology, Centre for Biostructure Research, Medical University of Warsaw, Chalbinskiego 5, 02-004 Warsaw, Poland


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