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2016 | 25 | 1 |
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Modeling the profit from hydropower plant energy generation using dimensional analysis

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Our work presents the original mathematical model, which can be determined on the basis of the actual profits from electricity production in pumped storage hydropower plants (PSHP). The derived relationship was obtained by the dimensional analysis of the relevant physical parameters describing the production of energy. The main purpose of this paper is to prove whether a dimensional analysis can be a useful tool to describe the economic aspect of the phenomenon, as proved by its worth when examining technical phenomena. The mathematical model has been derived for PSHP Ružín in Slovakia, but its validity, based on the similarity theory, can be extended to any pumping power plant that works with the influx of water into the upper storage reservoir, and/or without the feed, respectively. The article discusses the effects of various parameters on the operating profit for the turbine operations and the costs associated with the pumping operation.
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  • Department of Power Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia
  • Department of Thermal Engineering, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic
  • Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia
  • Department of Power Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia
  • Department of Power Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia
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