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2019 | 28 | 4 |
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Response of ecosystem service value to changes in ecosystem structure

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Changes in the ecosystem structure and ecosystem service value of the Fuping basin of the Daqing River from 1985 to 2015, as ascertained through remote sensing and a value assessment model, respectively, showed that forest land had contributed the most to the total ecosystem service value, followed by cultivated land and grassland. The ecosystem structure had changed markedly, the area under different land uses showing both positive and negative changes: the positive changes were in construction land (139.57%), forest land (90.66%), cultivated land (68.79%), and water body (6.55%), and the negative changes were in unused land (-83.48%) and grassland (-54.92%). The ecosystem services were valued, in billions of yuan RMB, at 4.429 in 1985, 4.462 in 1990, 4.465 in 1995, 5.808 in 2000, 5.171 in 2005, 5.322 in 2010, and 5.272 in 2015. Of the various ecosystem services, soil conservation made the largest contribution, followed by biodiversity protection, gas regulation, and climate regulation. The ecosystem service value was positively correlated to the area of forest land and negatively correlated to the area of unused land.
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  • College of Forestry, Agricultural University of Hebei, Baoding, China
  • College of Forestry, Agricultural University of Hebei, Baoding, China
  • Faculty of Geographical Science, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
  • College of Forestry, Agricultural University of Hebei, Baoding, China
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