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Regulation of neurogenesis by extracellular matrix and integrins

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Deciphering the factors that regulate human neural stem cells will greatly aid in their use as models of development and as therapeutic agents. The complex interactions of cells with extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins probably contribute to proper central nervous system development mediating processes which regulate proliferation and differentiation of neural stem/rogenitor cells. Many of these interactions involve transmembrane integrin receptors. Integrins cluster in specific cell­matrix adhesions to provide dynamic links between extracellular and intracellular environments by activation of numerous signal transduction pathways which may influence cell behaviour profoundly by influence on both gene expression and post- transcriptional signalling cascade. In this review we introduced and discussed a number of extracellular and intracellular factors engaged in the transduction of signals induced by cell adhesion to its environment, including matrix components, extracellular proteolytic enzymes, integrins and non-receptor tyrosine kinases.
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  • Mossakowski Medical Research Centre, NeuroRepair Department, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
  • Mossakowski Medical Research Centre, NeuroRepair Department, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
  • Mossakowski Medical Research Centre, NeuroRepair Department, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
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