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2013 | 63 | 4 |

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Genera of Dascillinae (Coleoptera: Dascillidae) with a review of the Asian species of Dascillus Latreille, Petalon Schonherr and Sinocaulus Fairmaire

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Phylogenetic relationships within the Dascillinae were investigated. Eighteen ingroup taxa and two outgroups were included in cladistic analysis, based on 30 characters derived from adult morphology. Six genera are recognised in Dascillinae: Coptocera Murray, Dascillus Latreille, Metallidascillus Pic, Notodascillus Carter, Petalon Schoenherr and Sinocaulus Farimaire. Pseudolichas Fairmaire, 1878 (TS: P. sulcifrons Fairmaire, 1878) is recognised as a junior synonym of Petalon Schoenherr, 1833 (TS: Bruchus fulvulus Wiedemann, 1819) syn. nov. All valid genera of Dascillinae are thoroughly described, illustrated and key to their identification is provided. Species level keys are provided for Old Wold Dascillus, Petalon and Sinocaulus. Eighteen new species are described: Dascillus acutus (China: Shanxi), D. chifengi (China: Taiwan), D. compressus (Nepal), D. formosanus (China: Taiwan), D. lanceus (China: Taiwan), D. largus (China: Hubei), D. montanus (China: Sichuan), D. planus (China: Yunnan), D. russus (India: Arunachal Pradesh), D. tibetensis (China: Tibet), D. transversus (China: Yunnan), Petalon acerbas (China-Yunnan), P. allochroides (Malaysia, Sabah), P. annamensis (Vietnam), P. digitatus (China: Yunnan), P. iviei (China: Yunnan), Sinocaulus clypeatus (China: Guizhou) and S. omiensis (China: Sichuan). The following species level new synonyms are proposed (senior synonym listed first): Dascillus congruus Pascoe, 1860 (= Dascillus perroudi Pic, 1939,71. klapperichi, Pic, 1955, D. taiwanus Nakane, 1995 and D. fortunei Pic, 1913); Dascillus calvescens Bourgeois, 1892 (= D. hoizi Pic, 1911, D. rufocinctus Pic, 1913, D. brevesulcatus Pic, 1933 and A rubropubens Pic, 1934); Dascillus renardi Bourgeois, 1891(= D. rufovillosus Bourgeois, 1892); Dascillus fulvulus (Wiedemann, 1819) (= D. striatus Pic, 1911, D. corporaali Pic, 1923 and D. obscuricolor Pic, 1933); D. obscuripes Pic, 1912 (= D. rufus Pic, 1923); Pseudolichas nivipictus Fairmaire, 1904 (= Pseudolichas ruficomis Pic, 1914) and Sinocaulus rubrovelutinus Fairmaire, 1878 (= Haematoides atriceps Pic, 1910: 45). Four taxa are transferred to Dascillus Latreille (Cladotoma vittata Pic, 1914; Pseudolichas nigronotatus Pic, 1914; Pseudolichas nivipictus Fairmaire, 1904; Pseudolichas superbus Pic, 1907 and Therius jaspideus Fairmaire, 1878) comb. nov. Fifeteen species are transferred to Petalon Schonherr (Dascillus bengalensis Pic, 1911; D. birmanicus Pic, 1913; A calvescens Bourgeois, 1892; A fruhstorferi Pic, 1912; A fulvithorax Pic, 1933; A. indicus Guérin-Méneville, 1861; D. leopoldi Pic, 1933; D. major Pic, 1933; D. obscuripes Pic, 1912; D. pruinosus Fairmaire, 1896; D. renardi Bourgeois, 1891; D. rufithorax Pic, 1912; D. rufovillosus Bourgeois, 1892; D. rufus Pic, 1923 and Pseudolichas sulcifrons Fairmaire, 1878) comb. nov. The neotypes are designated for: Bruchus fulvulus Wiedemann, 1819 (Indonesia: Java) and Dascillus maculosus Fairmaire, 1889 (China: Sichuan). Lectotypes are designated for:Dascillus bengalensis Pic, 1911; D. brevesulcatus Pic, 1933; D. calvescens Bourgeois, 1892; D. cavaleriei Pic, 1930; D. corporaali Pic, 1923; D. costatus Pic, 1927; D. fortunei Pic 1913; D. holzi Pic, 1911; D. klapperichi Pic, 1955; D. nigripennis Guérin-Méneville, 1861; D. obscuricolor Pic, 1933; D. obscuripes Pic, 1912; D. pallidofemoratus Pic, 1911; D. perroudi Pic, 1939; D. renardi Bourgeois, 1891; D. rubropubens Pic, 1934; D. rufocinctus Pic, 1913; D. rufovillosus Bourgeois, 1892; D. rufus Pic, 1923; D. striatus Pic, 1911; D. sublineatus Pic, 1915; Haematoides atriceps Pic, 1910; Pseudolichas sulcifrons Fairmaire, 1878 and Sinocaulus rubrovelutinus Fairmaire, 1878.









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  • State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol, Key Laboratory of Biodiversity Dynamics and Conservation of Guangdong Higher Education Institute, School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China
  • CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Australian National Insect Collection, GPO Box 1700, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
  • State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol, Key Laboratory of Biodiversity Dynamics and Conservation of Guangdong Higher Education Institute, School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China


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