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2019 | 26 | 3 |
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Dynamic characteristic study of riser with complex pre-stress distribution

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In this study, the dynamic characteristic problem of riser structure with complex pre-stress distribution is investigated. At first, the differential equation of the riser structure with complex pre-stress distribution is derived. The analytical expression of the free vibration of a riser structure with complex pre-stress distribution is discussed by using the orthogonal property of the trigonometric series. A top-tensioned riser (TTR) for example, the influences of the amplitude and direction of complex pre-stress on natural frequency and mode shape characteristics are compared. This study provides a new method for addressing the riser structure response problem with complex loading
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  • State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong Universuty, 800 Dongchuan road, 200240 Shanghai, China
  • State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong Universuty, 800 Dongchuan road, 200240 Shanghai, China
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