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2011 | 56 | 3 |

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New finds of stegosaur tracks from the Upper Jurassic Lourinha Formation, Portugal

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Eleven new tracks from the Upper Jurassic of Portugal are described and attributed to the stegosaurian ichnogenus Deltapodus. One track exhibits exceptionally well−preserved impressions of skin on the plantar surface, showing the stegosaur foot to be covered by closely spaced skin tubercles of ca. 6 mm in size. The Deltapodus specimens from the Aalenian of England represent the oldest occurrence of stegosaurs and imply an earlier cladogenesis than is recognized in the body fossil record.








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  • Departamento de Ciencias da Terra (CICEGe-FCT), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, and Museu da Lourinha, Rua Joao Luis de Moura, 2530-157 Lourinha, Portugal


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