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2012 | 62 | 4 |
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Review of the family Issidae (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha) in Vietnam with description of a new species

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A list of 18 species of the planthopper family Issidae known from Vietnam is given. Pseudochoutagus rubens sp. nov. is described from Northern Vietnam. New records for Macrodcirumu pertinax Fennah, 1978 and Euxaldar jehucal Fennah, 1978 are provided. Convergence in body shape for the issid genera Pseudochoutagus Che, Zhang et Wang, 2011 and Choutagus Zhang, Wang et Che, 2006 and for the genus Philagra Stål, 1863 (Aphrophoridae) is mentioned for the first time.
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  • Department of Entomology, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, rue Vautier 29, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
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