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2007 | 03 | 1 |
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Żagnica zielona (Aeshna viridis) złowiona w pułapki świetlne

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Aeshna virdis caught in light traps
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Adults of Green hawker were collected in light traps in the valley of the river Narewka in Białowieża village, NE Poland (2006-07-22, 1 ♀ at mercurial lamp and 2006-07-23, 3 ♀♀ and 1 ♂ at arclamp). All specimens were caught on ca 2140. The collected individuals were sitting frontally to the lamp so that their body axes were forwardly directed to the source of light. The authors discuss the known cases of light-trapped dragonflies, especially in the zone of temperate climate and in Europe. This phenomenon can be the result of spontaneous activity of dragonflies or their arousal to activity by strong light. Up-to- date observations have shown that there are two possible explanations: in particular cases the first or the second mechanism was involved. For the observations from Białowieża more possible is the second one: Aeshna viridis was multiply found in the valley of the Narewka River, also at the sites where light traps were provided. It seems that many cases of dragonflies attracted to the light source are overlooked for odonatologists do not use the method and other entomologists who set light traps are not interested in dragonflies or underestimate such observations. So for gathering more data on the subject the cooperation of odonatologists and specialists of other insect groups is needed.
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  • ul.Balladyny 2/72, 20-601 Lublin
  • Zaklad Zoologii, Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej, ul.Akademicka 19, 20-033 Lublin
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