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2011 | 14 | 2 |
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The influence of porcine pancreas digestion parameters and islet histomorphology on islet isolation outcome

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Transplantation of the pig islets of Langerhans is considered as the future treatment for patients suffering from type I diabetes mellitus. Despite the adaptation of modified Ricordi method and highly purified collagenase, the results of pancreas digestions are precarious. Selection of proper donor and optimal digestion procedure are fundamental. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of pancreas procuring parameters on pig islets yield. The pancreata were harvested from 69 market sows weighting over 150 kg. After intraductal injection of cold collagenase solution pancreata were transported in UW solution or under conditions of two layer method (TLM). In laboratory pancreata were digested at 37℃ according to Ricordi isolation method or stationary in the bottle. The particular parameters of isolation procedure were considered as substantial. Pig weight, volume of infused collagenase solution, TLM application and pancreas dividing before digestion positively affected islet yield. Additionally, the influence of pancreatic islet tissue histomorphology on isolation outcome was studied. Proper donor selection as well as adequate digestion parameters could improve pig islet recovery during islet isolation.
Opis fizyczny
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