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Potassium deficiency in plants: effects and signaling cascades

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Potassium (K⁺) is an important macronutrient for plant growth and productivity. It fulfills important functions and it is widely included in fertilization management strategies to increase crop production. Although K⁺ is one of the most abundant elements of the earth crust, its availability to plants is usually limited leading to severe reduction in plant growth and yield. In plants, K⁺ shortage induces several responses at different levels: morphological, physiological, biochemical, and molecular. Activation of signaling cascades including reactive oxygen species, phytohormones (ethylene, auxin, and jasmonic acid), Ca²⁺, and phosphatidic acid is also triggered. In this review, we summarize the main of these adaptive responses evolved by plants to cope with K⁺ deficiency in the rhizosphere.

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  • Laboratoire des Plantes Extremophiles, Centre de Biotechnologie a la Technopole de Borj Cedria, BP 901, Hammam-Lif 2050, Tunisie
  • Laboratoire des Plantes Extremophiles, Centre de Biotechnologie a la Technopole de Borj Cedria, BP 901, Hammam-Lif 2050, Tunisie
  • Laboratoire des Plantes Extremophiles, Centre de Biotechnologie a la Technopole de Borj Cedria, BP 901, Hammam-Lif 2050, Tunisie


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