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2012 | 11 | 4 |
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Modelling moisture diffusivity and energy consumption of cantaloupe seeds in fixed and fluidized bed conditions

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Background. The main goal in cantaloupe seed drying is the reduction of its moisture content to a safe level, allowing storage in a long period of time. Fluidized bed dryer is a drying process with better heat and mass transfer and shorter drying time. This method is a gentle and uniform drying procedure. Fluidized bed is suitable for sensitive and high moisture materials. Drying parameters of moisture diffusivity and energy are vitally important in modelling and optimizing of the seed dryer system. Material and methods. This study investigated thin layer characteristics of cantaloupe seeds under fixed, semi fluidized and fluidized bed drying with initial moisture content about 61.99% (d.b.). A laboratory fluidized bed dryer was utilized in this research. Air temperature levels of 45, 55, 65 and 75°C were applied in drying experiments. Effective moisture diffusivity (Z)efr) of cantaloupe seeds was computed by Fick’s second law in diffusion. Activation energy and specific energy consumption of cantaloupe seeds under different drying conditions were calculated. Results. Calculated values of Deff for drying experiments were in the range of 2.23TO40 and 8.61 -10'10 m2/s. Values of Deff increased as the input air temperature increased. Activation energy values were computed between 39.21 and 37.55 kJ/mol for 45°C to 75°C, respectively. Specific energy consumption for cantaloupe seeds was calculated at the boundary of 1.58 105 and 6.18105 kJ/kg. Conclusion. Results indicated that applying the fluidized bed condition is morę effective for convective drying of cantaloupe seeds. Increasing air velocity tends to decrease in activation energy. Decreasing in drying air temperaturę in different bed conditions caused increase in the energy value. The aforesaid drying parameters are necessary to optimize the operational condition of fluidized bed dryer and to perfect design of the system.
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