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2015 | 22 | 3 |
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Influence of pitting corrosion on fatigue and corrosion fatigue of ship and offshore structures. Part II: Load - pit - crack interaction

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In the paper has been discussed influence of stresses on general corrosion rate and corrosion pit nucleation rate and growth , whose presence has been questioned by some authors but accepted by most of them. Influence of roughness of pit walls on fatigue life of a plate suffering pit corrosion and presence of the so called „ non-damaging” pits which never lead to initiation of fatigue crack, has been presented. Possibility of prediction of pit-to-crack transition moment by two different ways, i.e. considering a pit a stress concentrator or an equivalent crack, has been analyzed. Also, influence of statistical distribution of depth of corrosion pits as well as anticorrosion protection on fatigue and corrosion fatigue has been described
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  • Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, Gdansk University of Technology, 11/12 Narutowicza St., 80-233 Gdansk, Poland
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