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2014 | 02 | 2 |
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Regularities in the transformation of coastal and accumulative forms of sea bottom relief, with application for water management

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Investigate the processes of formation of accumulative forms of sea bottom relief and coast. The coincidence of the linear parts of the accumulative sea bottom relief with the direction of tectonic faults. Provides examples exploring the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic, Black and Azov Seas. Consider the problem of continuing in the sea geological structures on dry land. On the example of the Azov Sea it was shown that the horst on land in the coastal zone is shown a linear zone of eroded beaches. Sustainable shore erosion are confined to the gorst. Graben on land continues at sea accumulative forms of type foreland. The accumulation zone of sediment are confined to grabens. Shown that different direction storms form accumulative relief in accordance with clear rules. Random exogenous factors are controlled regularities endogenous processes. Endogenous formation of sea bottom relief happens resulting impact endogenous processes on the speed currents. In those locations where currents slows down the sand falls to the bottom. Decrease in speed currents occurs lengthwise tectonic faults. Faults is the migration path lithospheric fluids. To elucidate the reasons for the formation of specific conditions sediment load was carried out mathematical modeling of currents over a linear zone submarine groundwater discharge. Hydrodynamic software decides system of Navier-Stokes equations. Made mathematical modeling the interaction currents and the water flowing from a tectonic fault.
Opis fizyczny
  • Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, Kuznechnaya 1, 65029 Odessa, Ukraine
  • Odessa State Evnironmental University, Lvivskaya 15, 65016 Odessa, Ukraine
  • Odessa State Evnironmental University, Lvivskaya 15, 65016 Odessa, Ukraine
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